Our goal is to celebrate the accomplishments of women in sports, while inspiring others. We want to show women that there are many opportunities in this male dominant industry, and that they belong in this arena. 

Angel Gray, Sideline Reporter

“I belong because I put in the work, and UBelong I think is for anybody who is saying ‘I want my big break, I want a chance to chase my dreams’. You take that into your hands and take the reigns and say this is something I want for myself. So for me, I know I belong because I’ve challenged myself every day to be bigger and better than anything that I set my goals to.”

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LaChina Robinson, Basketball Analyst

“UBELONG means that you have what it takes. You’re enough in who you are right now. There’s nothing that you are lacking; sometimes we tend to look at what we don’t have before we look at what we do have. UBELONG just means that you’re already there and believing that whatever it is that you want is already inside you just have to manifest it, believe in yourself and keep on pushing.”

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Tiffany Blackmon, NFL Network Reporter

“UBELONG means that you are apart of a community of powerful women, that are successful, motivated, hungry, and determined to forge a path for other women that are coming along the way.”

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Desiree Lesassier, Player Relations Manager for Los Angeles Lakers

“UBELONG means believing in yourself, having that confidence in yourself. It’s creating something out of nothing sometimes, standing strong through the adversity, and knowing that you are where you’re suppose to be.”

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